Romney Fires Back: Marijuana Is A Gateway Drug

Mitt Romney Medical Marijuana Policy

Romney Fires Back: Marijuana Is A Gateway Drug

On Wednesday, Mitt Romney lashed out at a reporter in Colorado for daring to mention marijuana in his stately presence. When asked, “Should marijuana be legal for medical use and taxed? ” Million dollar Mitt replied, "Aren't there issues of significance that you'd like to talk about…the economy…the growth of jobs…the need to put people back to work...the challenges of Iran?"

But, Romney decided to take his marijuana assault a step further and announce his official stance on marijuana, “I think marijuana should not be legal in this country. I believe it is a gateway drug to other drug violations. The use of illegal drugs in this country is leading to terrible consequences in places like Mexico -- and actually in our country.” After the official interview ended, Romney quipped with the reporter, he said,“I'm not running on marriage and marijuana, those are state issues, right, aren’t they.”

This guy is dense. He thinks medical marijuana is an insignificant issue, even though millions of medical marijuana users, and voters in 17 states, and Washington D.C. disagree. He also doesn’t know that to federally legalize medical marijuana would provide all qualified Americans an alternative source of marijuana, thereby choking off a significant source of revenue for cartels. Nor has he heard that dispensaries and cultivation centers created numerous jobs. I guess Mitt has never trimmed bud. Here is the video so you can see for yourself:

If you liked that one, watch Mitt Romney get owned by a medical marijuana patient: