Should The Marijuana Community Boycott Discovery Channel's 'Pot Cops'?


How hard up for viewership has Discovery Channel grown? Whether pandering to the younger demographics, while searching for the youthful stoner spectators. Or just trying to sensationalize the ongoing national debate of marijuana legalization, as a means of increasing their market share and charging more to their advertisers. Discovery Channel has undertaken a campaign of sensationalizing the national struggle, which is neck deep in personal misery.

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In their opening salvo of salacious 'Pot gone wild' programming, Discovery Channel first offered up for your viewing pleasure - "Weed Country." A show that focused on the ever-increasing friction caused by the enforcement of the federal prohibition on marijuana a state that allows medical marijuana to be grown under certain conditions.

Steeped in the marijuana cultivation culture, the small cities and towns that comprise Humboldt County, more commonly known as the "Emerald triangle," are often maligned. These 'Mom and Pop' growers, slandered in the press as somehow being associated with the drug cartels from south of the border. When in reality they are struggling farmers, looking to supply the medical needs of California's patients.

As "Weed Country" wrapped up its first season, leaving stoners across the country wishing they lived in Northern California. The Discovery Channel has queued up its next installment of demographics pleasing fluff ... dressed up as fact and entertainment - "Pot Cops."

Watching "Pot Cops" was confusing, a masochistic act of self-loathing and hatred [and a complete waste of time]. As one who has cultivated his own medicine for several years, and understands the hard work and expense that goes into creating some of these beautiful crops. Witnessing the destruction of these plants is nothing short of heartbreaking. Pot Cops crawls through the social muck, as they follow a multi-agency task force, destroying crops found deep in the national forest. As a means of depicting their narrative on California pot growers, Pot Cops shows their multi-agency task force, as strictly enforcing the federal government's prohibition on marijuana, claiming that any cultivation of pot is still a federal crime.

Witness the storyline for Pot Cops:

In the vast forests of Northern California, most would never imagine encountering gunfire, booby traps and cartel activity. But here in Humboldt County, an area with some of the most conducive growing conditions in the United States, the countryside is overrun with armed Mexican drug cartels that are willing to use violence to protect their valuable marijuana crops. In order to avoid crossing the border with illegal substances, many cartels have set up marijuana grows where they can produce thousands of plants potentially worth thousands of dollars each - and it's not just cartels setting up shop. Many "average joe" growers operate from this area, and will be brought down alongside the cartels if their activities wind up on the Drug Enforcement Unit's radar.

Despite evidence to the contrary, as cited by the Office of National Drug Control Policy - the Discovery Channel has opted to ignore the facts in order to sensationalize and profit from the struggle that has imprisoned tens of thousands of Californians and millions of Americans.

You have better things to do with your time... Boycott "Pot Cops"

Source: Marijuana.Com