Support Marijuana Law Reform On Valentine's Day

stoner balloon art marijuana leaf heart

Valentine's Day Brings People Together, Marijuana Prohibition Pushes People Apart

Happy Valentine's Day from The Weed Blog. Hopefully everyone got the cannabis infused chocolates and bongs with heart designs on them that they asked from their loved one lol. Something that I think should happen every year is a recommendation that was first started by the great Jay Selthofner in Wisconsin. Here is Jeff's recommendation from last year, which I think should become a tradition:

"Now with Valentine’s Day approaching, this year I ask all you to join me and send your elected official a Valentine’s Day Card/Email or even phone call and ask them to find it in their hearts to support marijuana reform. Not just medical marijuana, but I support legalizing all forms of hemp cannabis. I think it is about time we take the patients off the various battlefields in this war. I want our economy to have the option to grow hemp for food, fuel and fiber. I want our patients, doctors and healers free to medicate just like any other. I want our government to offer a SAFER choice than alcohol and nicotine by legalizing recreational cannabis.

In these trying times, economic recovery, job creation, developing alternative energy solutions and providing for improved public safety are critical. Legalizing Industrial Hemp, Medical Marijuana and Recreational Cannabis will help accomplish these agendas and provide funding for others."

Last year I missed the boat and didn't see his article until after Valentine's Day. But this year, since I'm no longer working the grind and pursuing activism full time, I hand delivered my Valentine's Day card to my state representative. My state senator was 'not in their office' and the Governor's Office wanted nothing to do with me ha ha. Oh well, all I can do is try right?

I also received a good Valentine's Day e-mail from the fine people at Law Enforcement Against Prohibition. It's pasted below:

As we celebrate Valentine's Day and the bonds that bring people together, let us not forget the policies that tear them apart. The drug warriors have taken millions of nonviolent drug offender parents from their families for crimes no more morally offensive than those of the rum runners who managed to make ends meet during the last prohibition.

Between 1986 and 1999, the incarceration rate for women grew by 888%! From 1986 to 1996, the number of women in federal prison for drug “crimes” increased tenfold, from 2,400 to 24,000, and the number continues to increase. Many leave children behind. Today, more than 2.7 million American children have lost a parent to a prison sentence, and two thirds of those parents are nonviolent offenders.

In the name of the children, in the name of the family, the prohibitionists destroy both.

LEAP recently addressed the issue of legalization in YouTube’s annual online town hall meeting with President Obama. Although our question to the president received the highest number of votes among the video entries, it was not aired during the forum, leaving many wondering why the number one question would be passed over in favor of less pressing issues like favorite late night snacks or tennis. While the president may not be comfortable following up on last year’s YouTube question from LEAP, we will keep pushing decision makers to address this issue no matter how many times they avoid it or talk around it, because children of nonviolent drug offenders are getting left behind.

In 1980, one out of every 125 children had a parent behind bars. By 2008, that number had grown to 1 in every 28. Think of the average kindergarten class. Think of the child whose parent is missing. Connect the dots to the rest of that child’s life.

As current and former law enforcers, we know how damaging our drug policies have been to families. Under the guise of ‘public safety,’ we have been charged with the impossible task of upholding these failed and devastating drug laws. Meanwhile, the public is no safer or more protected, and immeasurable harm has been done to the family unit through punitive incarceration and the social stigmas that prevent many parents from seeking help for drug abuse or addiction.

The Drug War destroys everything it touches. Please help LEAP reverse the Drug War’s assault on the American family before it claims another victim. Donate now, and support our speakers in calling for an end to the Drug War.

Below is a stoner balloon pic of a marijuana leaf with a heart. I didn't think it was enough for a blog post by itself, but I think this article is a great place for it. Happy Valentine's Day from The Weed Blog!

stoner balloon art marijuana leaf heart