Survey: Majority Of Canadians Support Marijuana Legalization

Canada's cannabis act

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I have seen quite a few polls released that suggest that marijuana legalization is supported by a majority of Canadians. But I think the highest survey results I've seen for marijuana legalization came out yesterday. Vote Compass, CBC's voter-engagement survey, found overwhelming support for marijuana reform in general, and strong support for legalization specifically. Per CBC:

According to Vote Compass, 75 per cent of Conservative supporters favour either decriminalization or legalization of marijuana for personal use, compared to 86 per cent of respondents overall.

The findings are based on 14,502 respondents who participated in Vote Compass between Sept. 22 and Sept. 24.

Overall, 56 per cent of respondents said pot should be legalized, 30 per cent said it should be decriminalized and only 14 per cent said it should it remain a criminal offence.

86 percent of respondents supported legalization and decriminalization overall, but what I found interesting that even 75 percent of Conservative voters support the same public policy changes. The winds of change are picking up in Canada, and hopefully politicians are taking notice. Marijuana prohibition is a failed public policy, whether it's in Canada, or anywhere else on the planet.

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