The Tufts Chapter Of SSDP To Host Premiere Of Drug War Documentary

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Tufts Chapter Of Students For Sensible Drug Policy To Host Premiere Of 'American Drug War 2: Cannabis Destiny'

Loyal readers know that Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP) is my favorite organization on the planet. OK, maybe it's tied with L.E.A.P., but either way, SSDP is at the top of my list for organizations that I support. It looks like the Tuft chapter of SSDP has invited Kevin Booth to premiere his new movie, "American Drug War 2: Cannabis Destiny" on campus Dec 4th. If you are in the area, I encourage all to attend. SSDP estimates that at least 100 students will attend the film's premiere. The place holds 224 people, so there's plenty of room

"That's why Kevin Booth is such a good person to bring," Allison Wilens, co-president of  the Tuft SSDP chapter, told the student newspaper. "He's not just a guy who's listing statistics --- we could do that, and we often do. He has met people who have been first−hand affected by prohibition, and he can show this official, first−hand look at these people in a way that is more emotional and harder to ignore." You can read more about the event here.