Washington Bills Filed That Would Allow Home Marijuana Cultivation


One of the biggest arguments against Washington State's marijuana legalization model is that it doesn't allow home cultivation of marijuana. While it's good that people aren't being arrested for simple marijuana possession in Washington, the black market will never be fully eradicated if people can't grow their own marijuana at home. Especially when the only legal way for them to obtain marijuana is by paying upwards of $19 per gram for it at Washington stores. A bill has been introduced in both the Washington House and Senate that would allow home cultivation. Per KIRO TV:

mistakes to avoid when growing marijuana.

The bill, as well as a companion bill in the House sponsored by Rep. Brian Blake of Aberdeen would allow adults over 21 and older to grow six marijuana plants for personal use.  Growers could also possess up to 8 ounces of useable marijuana, and donate up to one ounce to another adult without compensation. But if people can grow their own pot would it hurt the recreational marijuana industry?

One recreational store owner says no. "I think it would be good for everybody to actually try it themselves and experience themselves," said Noel Roberts, owner of Mary Mart in Tacoma.

Allowing home cultivation is long overdue in Washington State. Colorado, Alaska, Washington D.C., and soon Oregon, all allow home cultivation as part of their marijuana legalization models. Washington clearly has the worst model in the country when it comes to marijuana legalization. Hopefully that changes soon with the passage of these bills.

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