What Is 'Republicans Against Marijuana Prohibition (R.A.M.P.)'?


I saw an organization come across Twitter the other day that I thought was interesting. Below is information about Republicans Against Marijuana Prohibition (R.A.M.P):

GOP marijuana

Our Mission

  • Our mission is to educate Conservative Americans about Marijuana Prohibition in the U.S., and to dispel longstanding, exaggerated myths about cannabis
  • To provide proven facts on the benefits of medical marijuana.
  • To impart our fiscally conservative view, that the legalization of marijuana would be beneficial to society in several ways.

-By providing significant additional tax revenues
-Halt the wasteful spending of taxpayer's money and law enforcement resources on non-violent
-Deliver much needed relief for our severely overcrowded prison systems.

  • We wish to dispel the notion that in order to be a good conservative, you must be in favor of The War on Drugs.
  • To perpetuate our view that the current laws associated with the War on Drugs is bad law and promotes disorder, and that bad law should always be changed.
  • It is our hope that the knowledge and resources provided will challenge Conservatives to reanalyze their longstanding, misinformed judgments, and persuade them to acknowledge the need for immediate legislation to reform current law regarding cannabis in the U.S.

-The immediate re-classification of marijuana from a Class 1 Felony to a Misdemeanor.
-The legalization and taxation of Medical Marijuana in all 50 states.

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