How To Operate A Marijuana Clone Nursery With Jorge Cervantes

marijuana clone cloning cannabis

Making one marijuana clone is not that difficult. Back when I was growing marijuana, I would always cut more starts than I needed, and take the top ones out of the batch that established the largest root base. That approach works really well when you only need a handful of healthy clones. It doesn't take that many materials too for such a small operation.

But what about when you want to create clones in mass quantities? That's a different story. There's a method to the madness, and knowing that method will likely determine the difference between having a huge supply of strong, healthy clones versus a medium to low amount of sickly, weak clones.

Below are a couple of videos that Jorge Cervantes put out recently covering this topic. He is on site with Wonderland Nursery. The videos are very informative if you need to know how to produce strong clones on a large scale: