February 23, 2012

Cypress Hill Smoke Out 2012

February 23, 2012
cypress hill smokeout 2012

cypress hill smokeout 2012Cypress Hill Smoke Out 2012 – The All Day Mind Opening Experience

Cypress Hill and Guerilla Union in association with Live Nation present


NOS Events Center
San Bernadino, California



We know you’re all stoked to start mapping out your SmokeOut 2012 experience so head over to www.smokeoutfestival.com/set-times and start planning your day!

DOOR TIMES EXTENDED: 12PM — 2AM Saturday March 3rd

We’re starting the party early and keeping it going late! Doors now open at 12pm so plan accordingly and get there early. Don’t forget to stay hydrated and pace yourself cause the last set doesn’t end until 2am!


For all our VIP and High Roller ticket holders, we’re bringing you the best in House, Progressive and Techno as SATURDAY NIGHT SESSIONS’ residents DJ Reza and Lenny V hold it down in the VIP area all day long. Many more TBA!


Smokeout Festival has always celebrated 4:20 with a very special and memorable performance. This year, commemorating and continuing the tradition, will be Rock en Espanol pioneers CAFÉ TACVBA. See you at 4:20 for another historical moment in music and medicine!


Presented by WeedMaps, this year’s festival will again bring together music and medicine with an area dedicated to California medical marijuana patients. We want to keep this a tradition for many years to come so make sure you check out all the important Rules & Regulations at


Go to our travel page for a list of local hotels and availability.


Festival Hours

Doors open at 12pm. Plan to arrive early and anticipate additional time for traffic and security searches at the entrance.

Box Office

The Box Office will be located on Arrowhead Ave, directly adjacent to the main entrance (between GATES 7 AND 8). If you are picking up your tickets at will call or looking to purchase tickets to the show, this is the place to go. Box Office hours are: 11:00am — 9:00pm.

Will Call

If you are picking up your tickets at will call, you should allow additional time as there may be lines. You MUST bring a photo ID to pick up your tickets. IMPORTANT: There will be TWO separate will call areas. Both will call areas will be clearly marked with signage:

  • If you are a medical marijuana patient (see:http://smokeoutfestival.com/consumption), you will enter through a separate entrance located between GATES 8 and 9, adjacent to VIP entrance.
  • Before entering the grounds, be sure that you did not forget anything in your car because there is absolutely NO ins and outs.

Very Important Pot-smoker

Upgrade to VIP and you’ll get exclusive event merchandise, such as the 2012 Festival T-Shirt, Backpack, Poster, and Souvenir Credential. We’re also hooking you up with 2 Drink Tickets at your very own Private and Fully Stocked Bar. For those not of age, enjoy a non-alcoholic drink on us! Don’t worry about waiting in the long lines to get into the festival, because VIP holders will have their own separate entrance at Gate 9! The party will be poppin off at the VIP area, equipped with air conditioning, black leather couches and VIP restroom facilities. There will be a separate fenced-off VIP pit in front of the main stage. Your favorite artists will also be stopping by the party for a special meet-n-greet for Very Important Potsmokers only. To purchase:http://smokeoutfestival.com/tickets

High Roller VIP

High Roller fans will be living the good life at Smoke Out! You’ll receive everything mentioned above in the VIP (Very Important Potsmoker) Package, and then some! High Rollers will have their own separate entrance into the festival and will be greeted, escorted, and catered to all day by Hostesses. Skip the merchandise fulfillment line and order your VIP package with your Hostess, who will hand deliver it to your Cabana. Forget about standing all day in the heat, avoid the crowded GA pit, and don’t worry about pushing and shoving your way to the front row, because you’ll be living luxuriously in your own VIP Cabana! The Cabana is equipped with black leather couches, privacy drapes and will be elevated off the ground, giving you the perfect view of the main stage. Delicious catering and complimentary champagne will be served (while supplies last). Now that is living the HIGH life. To purchase: http://smokeoutfestival.com/tickets


If you are unfamiliar with the city of San Bernardino, it can get pretty hot out there. Here’s hoping to some nice Fall weather. For weather details, click here:http://www.weather.com/weather/today/USCA0978

Food Vendors

There will be plenty of concessions and food vendors to satisfy those munchies. Food and beverage vendors will be located throughout the venue. You will be able to find anything from burgers, hot dogs and BBQ to funnel cake, kettle corn, pizza and nachos. Mmmm, can’t wait to get our hands on some Spicy Pie! There will also be selections for our vegetarian and vegan fans. Featured cultural flavors include: Cajun, Greek, Jamaican, Mexican and Thai.

Payment Methods

CASH will be accepted at ALL vendor locations. Credit cards will be accepted at most vendor locations, but don’t worry there will be plenty of ATMs.


There will be ATMs placed conveniently throughout the venue. Refer to the event map for the ATM locations.

Lost and Found

If you lose your keys, phone or camera, the Lost and Found is located at the General Store. If you find keys, phone or camera, earn some good-karma points and turn them in to Lost and Found located at the General Store. The General Store is clearly marked on the festival map.

Information Booth

We know it can be a little daunting trying to find the nearest restrooms or ATMs. Any question you have, our friendly and knowledgeable Smokeout Ambassadors are there to assist you. There will be an information booth located at the main entrance outside the grounds in front of GATE 9 as well as roaming Ambassadors inside the venue. You can also stop by the General Store if you have any questions, once inside.

First Aid

Your safety is our number one priority. Security and EMT personnel will be onsite ready to help. There are TWO First Aid areas located inside the Damus Building and another located in the Citrus building. Both First Aid areas are clearly marked on the event map.


HYDRATION is key at an all-day festival. You will be allowed to bring in ONE, sealed 16.9 oz. plastic bottled water. There will also be TWO complimentary, self-serve water stations. One is located outside of the grounds at the main entrance. The second water station will be inside the festival grounds near the Citrus building


We know that natural shade is limited at the NOS Events Center so we’re bringing in extra shade tents to avoid those sun burns.

Festival Map

There will be a festival map available online as well as in the event program guide and SmokeOut Phone App.

Disability Access/ Accommodations

There are several accommodations to ensure ADA festival attendees have a safe and comfortable experience. Handicap parking is available at the main event lot located on the corner of Arrowhead Ave and Central Ave. An ADA viewing platform is located in front of the main stage. There will be restrooms reserved for ADA attendees at all restroom villages. A full medical team including licensed and bonded medical doctors will be onsite at all times.

Patients-Only Onsite Consumption

Cypress Hill and Guerilla Union, in association with Americans for Safe Access, are securing patients’ rights by providing a safe consumption area for medical marijuana patients on the Smoke Out grounds. For a complete and comprehensive list of procedures and regulations, go to:http://smokeoutfestival.com/consumption

Event Updates

The best way to stay abreast on all festival updates and information is to subscribe to the Guerilla Union Newsletter. You should also follow us on the social nets as we post news and updates as they happen. You can also download our handy SmokeOut App- your handheld guide to find out what’s going on before, during and after the show. For links to official Smokeout social networks, go to: http://smokeoutfestival.com

The SmokeOut Medical Marijuana Expo is the premier consumer and trade show in the hemp industry. Already a world-class entertainment destination, Cypress Hill’s SmokeOut Expo is the ultimate destination for all advocates, businesses and consumers. This expo will feature leading businesses impacting the multi-million dollar hemp and medical marijuana industries such as: cultivation, education, legal rights, clothing, accessories, cosmetics, health benefits, arts, crafts and more. Non-profit organizations and eco-friendly exhibitors will be on site as well. This will be the biggest and brightest showcase for dispensaries, licensed physicians, political organizations, industry panels and all members of the cannabis community. Cypress Hill has been an advocate of the marijuana culture for over 20 years. Their integrity, passion and celebrity will help gather thousands of like-minded fans, advocates and industry insiders. The expo will feature expert discussion panels, celebrity guests, prominent speakers and special meet-n-greet sessions. For the complete schedule of panel discussions, go to:http://smokeoutfestival.com/attractions

SmokeOut Expo Mission Statement

The SmokeOut Medical Marijuana Expo is founded in the belief that the public is better served when citizens and public officials work cooperatively in order to successfully accomplish common goals.

Objective and Purpose

To educate the public on the myriad of potential benefits offered by the Cannabis plant, including the medicinal, industrial, agricultural, economic, environmental and other benefits and applications. In particular, SmokeOut Medical Marijuana Expo seeks to advance the cause of Cannabis policy reform through education, while advancing the public image of the Cannabis advocate or enthusiast through example.


Q. What is SmokeOut Medical Marijuana Expo about?

A. Human rights. Equality. Freedom. We believe that adults in a free society deserve the right to make their own educated and informed choices about what they put into their own bodies. We believe that those important health choices should be made based upon truthful and accurate information. Of course SmokeOut is about cannabis – industrial hemp, medical marijuana and recreational use by otherwise law abiding, responsible adults – but since SmokeOut is organized in the spirit of a rally and demonstration against America’s laws criminalizing and imprisoning people who use cannabis, we see the SmokeOut being about freedom first, and the cannabis plant second.


Q.What is SmokeOut Medical Marijauna Expo trying to achieve?

A. Several things. SmokeOut Medical Marijuana Expo advocates the decriminalization of marijuana for responsible adults, legal access to medical marijuana for patients who could be benefited by cannabis, and legal domestic hemp production. By producing a world-class event, SmokeOut is demonstrating that cannabis enthusiasts can be as responsible, professional, and successful as anyone else. SmokeOut features extensive educational and informational content presented by some of the nation’s leading experts in the field of marijuana policy reform. We hope that all of this is contributing to the healthy, informed and energized local and national movement to change America’s pot laws.


Q. Can I get in trouble for attending or participating in SmokeOut?

A. No. SmokeOut is totally legal and protected by the United States Constitution under your right to freedom of assembly and freedom of speech. However, SmokeOut is not a “free zone.” All local, state and federal laws are in full effect at SmokeOut. SmokeOut is the worst place to attempt to buy or sell illegal substances in any form (I.e. Food). Please don’t do it.


Q. Do I have to buy a separate ticket for the expo?

A. No. Your ticket to the festival allows you entry to the expo and festival.


It is your responsibility to bring in the following items:

  • 10′ X 10′ fire retardant EZ UP tent, we need to see a manufactures’ fire certificate. (not necessary inside of the medical marijuana expo).
  • Chairs
  • Tables
  • An extension cord
  • Lights (not necessary inside of the medical marijuana expo)
  • PROOF OF INSURANCE (the venue will not allow you to setup your tent without this document). If you need to purchase insurance, please contact your sales rep.
  • Merchants license or business license.
  • Fill out the vendor contract
For vendor and exhibitor contact information contact:

Exhibiting in the Medical Marijuana Expo:

Sales & Promotions in the Vendor Village:


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