All Tickets To The Oregon Marijuana Business Conference Include Access To VIP After Party


I am very excited today, because today is the beginning of the Oregon Marijuana Business Conference. Technically the conference itself takes place tomorrow, but there is a VIP reception tonight with Dr. Carl Hart, which I'm sure will be followed by fantastic networking opportunities and exploration missions around the Eugene, Oregon area. For those that have never been to Eugene before, it's an amazing town full of cannabis history. Like I always say, Jack Herer lived there for a reason! I personally plan on going to my two favorite spots in Eugene - Skinner's Butte and Cheeba Hut!

ombc oregon marijuana business conference

I have seen people traveling from all over on social media, heading to Eugene for the conference. I'm driving down with my friend Josh and Jay Smoker, and plan on meeting up with a big group of friends when I get there. We can't get too crazy tonight though, as the conference starts bright and early on Sunday, and there's A LOT of information to absorb. The presenters are second to none, and with the current state of the Oregon cannabis community, it's going to be important to learn as much as possible.

But after the event is done, there will be a chance to unwind. All ticket purchases come with a pass to a VIP party at WOW Hall. I have never been there before, but I have heard that it's an amazing venue. There is supposed to be an appearance by Tommy Chong too! As far as I know, there are still tickets available for the conference. I will be there, and hope to see you there too! You can purchase tickets at this link here. There is a discount that expires at midnight, so you better get on the good foot if you plan on attending, which I hope that you do.