May 9, 2016

Attend The Free (Yes, FREE!) Virtual Cannabis Entrepreneur Summit

May 9, 2016
virtual cannabis entrepreneur summit

virtual cannabis entrepreneur summitOne of the coolest things in the cannabis space that I have seen since co-creating this blog in 2010 was the first ever Virtual Cannabis Health Summit. I have been to events, and have seen a lot of educational material online, but up until the point of that summit I had never seen so many true cannabis experts in one place, spreading world class knowledge for free. Usually people have to pay out the nose to get that level of info from that caliber of speakers. But with the Virtual Cannabis Health Summit, not only did it not cost a dime to view live, you could watch the whole thing from the comfort of your home over the web.

I am not a big fan of traveling. In fact, I despise it. In a perfect world I would just sit at home all day and rarely leave. But my love for cannabis outweighs my distaste for traveling, so I make it to events and act social whether I like it or not. For people like me, a virtual summit that I can view from home is outstanding. There is another summit coming up, also put on by Green Flower Media, later this month. The focus of this summit is how to enter the cannabis industry, or for those already in the industry, how to take your pursuit(s) to the next level.

As with the last summit, this summit is jam packed with cannabis experts. TRUE experts. A lot of events will tout their speakers as being cannabis experts, but a lot of the time I have never heard of the people before. I don’t want to downplay some of the speakers’ skills out there, but there’s a big difference between someone who is a true expert and someone who is simply ‘in the industry.’ The Virtual Cannabis Entrepreneur Summit has some straight cannabis industry geniuses like Steve DeAngelo, Patrick Rea, Troy Dayton, Aaron Justis, and Kris Krane to name just a handful. Those are names that I look to for wisdom and vision into the future of the cannabis industry.

To be able to learn from such amazing speakers, all from the comfort of one’s home, and all for FREE – well, I don’t know much more to say to hammer home the point that this is going to be an invaluable learning opportunity. I don’t always get excited for things in the cannabis world, especially when it comes to the industry, but this event is a must attend. I personally plan on watching while wearing my finest sweatpants. Feel free to dress in any manner you see fit. Below is more information about the event, which you can sign up for at this link here:

  • It’s happening May 21-22, 2016 (so mark your calendars now).
  • We’ll have 20+ of the world’s very top cannabis entrepreneurs, experts, and investors sharing their best-kept secrets with you about how to achieve real success in this blossoming cannabis industry.
  • It will be massively beneficial to you if you’re already a cannabis entrepreneur or leader, and you’re looking for better strategies to help you grow.
  • It will also be massively beneficial to you if you haven’t entered this industry yet, but you’re definitely hungry to find your place.
  • Just like the last Summit, you can watch both days 100% FREE from the comfort of your own home streamed directly to your computer in real time.
  • We believe at least 30,000+ people will tune in live.

Register for the Virtual Cannabis Entrepreneur Summit, for FREE, at this link here


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