July 15, 2014

Canna-Business Set To Bloom In The Sunshine State

July 15, 2014
Florida medical marijuana

Florida medical marijuanaAs the Sunshine State prepares to vote on Amendment 2 in November, business analysts are evaluating the potential of the largest market for state-regulated medical marijuana east of the Mississippi. Building on its history of launching canna-businesses in Colorado—the United States’ first legal recreational market—the MMJ Business Academy will host a weekend slate of programs for entrepreneurs that are preparing to enter the market as soon as it comes online. The Summit and Solutions program will be held at the Intercontinental at Doral Miami on July 19-20.

“Florida has the distinct advantage of taking advantage of ‘lessons learned’ from states such as Colorado, and turning them into best practices. This competitive advantage can be harnessed from within a State regulatory framework through private company inception,” said MMJBA CEO KC Stark. “Medical marijuana is estimated as a $785-million industry in Florida. Our basic message to both of those who want to invest in cannabis or sell cannabis legally is to get involved in the political process at the State and Local levels. If you are interested in selling cannabis, get to know your State legislators and local authorities because they are the ones that you will work with to pass regulation and to get permitted.”

The MMJ Business Academy offers a day-long training session led by an accomplished attorney who is at the forefront of helping individuals and groups to navigate the complex process, understand the regulations and comply with the law. The MMJ Business Academy covers licensing, business operations, facility and product considerations (eg, security, tracking, compliance), inventory and transportation. Unique to the MMJ Business Academy, MMJBA will also host an INfusion-INclusion half-day investor forum for Floridians to pitch their ideas for feedback from industry leaders.

“When Amendment 2 passes in Florida, depending on how the regulations are written, we may be in line to experience an economic windfall like never before,” noted Tom Quigley, CEO, Florida Cannabis Coalition, and MMJBA alum. “An entire industry with its own ecosystem of support will be born, existing businesses will adapt and grow, new businesses will be spawned and as the stigma surrounding cannabis breaks down, so will the barriers to employment for those who use it to medicate. And we haven’t even touched upon the huge potential for industrial hemp production in a climate like Florida’s.”

“People looking to be entrepreneurs need to have a different mindset when moving forward. Currently many people are happy being on the team, while I say why be on the team when you can own it,” said the Wolf of Weed Street, who will participate as a panelist on the INFusion INClusion forum. He noted that he is looking forward to the exchange of ideas that will inevitably lead to new growth & private investment.

The Wolf continued: “It’s difficult to focus on the best growth potential within the industry as there are many vertical markets that will take off or are currently taking off. I myself focus on the publicly traded companies in the space as an investor, but I can see lab testing facilities, security and payment processing all offering huge growth. Real estate is a hot button item for people in Miami and should Florida go legal one day, the spin off gold rush will be one built in brick & mortar.”

  • Sat., July, 19: The Business of Marijuana: 8-hour Seminar - Step by Step “How to” for opening your own canna-business.  Licensing, leasing, zoning, tracking, taxes, funding, and focused on Florida’s SB1030 and Amendment 2 canna-markets.  $299.  Space is limited. To register, visit: http://mmjbusinessacademy.com/book-medical-marijuana-laws-legal-seminar-how-to.html
  • Sun., July, 20; 10am-2pm: Have a great idea?  Want to pitch your ideas to qualified industry leaders, investors and brokers?  Join us at the 4-hour “Money Meets Entrepreneurs: INFusion INClusion Summit” and present your ideas. Winners will have access to potential financing and investors. To sign up as a panelist or to pitch your idea, please visit http://howtomarijuana.com/contact-marijuana-business-academy-colorado.html.

To request press credentials or to schedule an interview, please contact Shawna McGregor, The Rosen Group, 917 971 7852 or shawna@rosengrouppr.com.


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