Hear George Jage From Marijuana Business Media Speak At The Spring Marijuana Business Conference And Expo

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(image via mmjbusinessdaily.com)

I co-founded this blog in January 2010 with my best friend Jay Smoker. Since that time, the landscape of marijuana media has changed considerably. When we started, there were the big names like High Times, Cannabis Culture, WeedMaps, and Toke of the Town, and just a handful of other blogs and websites. Zoom forward to today, and there is virtually an endless list of marijuana media outlets in operation, with more launching daily. These are truly amazing times for the marijuana media industry.

While there are many media companies focused on the marijuana industry, there is one media company that stands above the rest when it comes to marijuana industry insight. That company is Marijuana Business Media. Marijuana Business Media is second to none when it comes to business to business news, industry data, and industry events. Marijuana Business Media is the parent company of Marijuana Business Daily, the Marijuana Business Conference and Expo, the Marijuana Business Factbook, and a few other projects.

The President and Publisher of Marijuana Business Media is George Jage. George was hired by Marijuana Business Media (formerly CannaBusiness Media) in the summer of 2014. Below is an excerpt from an article on Marijuana Business Daily describing the hiring of George Jage:

Jage previously founded World Tea Media and the World Tea Expo, business-to-business information properties that helped the U.S. tea market grow from $5.7 billion in 2003 to more than $15 billion in 2014. He also created the Healthy Beverage Expo, which serves the consumer beverage market.

Jage said he's excited to join the cannabis industry because of its "exceptionally strong market parallels" to his previous industry experience, combined with the "explosive growth" on tap for legal marijuana markets.

CannaBusiness Media is the parent company of CannaBusiness Magazine, the Marijuana Business Factbook and Marijuana Business Daily.

"With exceptionally strong market parallels, I am excited to head the nation's top event and news provider," he said.

There are a lot of people entering the marijuana industry from backgrounds that aren't that applicable in the marijuana industry, in my opinion. George is one of only a handful of people that have a background that directly transfers over to the marijuana industry, proven by how well of a job he has done since he entered the industry. I very rarely do phone calls with people, mainly because I hate talking on the phone and don't have that much time after working all day at my day job. But I was very excited to hop on the phone with Mr. Jage to talk about the industry, and specifically about marijuana media. He has a very strong understanding of what role marijuana media plays in the industry, and what the future holds.

George Jage's business skill set is very strong, and there is a lot that can be learned from him. When it comes to marijuana media, there are very, very few people that I enjoy listening to, and George Jage is very high on the list of people I admire in the marijuana media world. I can't wait to hear his presentation at the 2015 Spring Marijuana Business Conference and Expo in Chicago next month. If you haven't picked up your tickets to the event yet, you should. George Jage is joined by a list of speakers and presenters that are second to none. This is literally going to be the largest industry event in the history of marijuana business. Click on the banner below to find out more:

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