March 31, 2015

Hear Julie Berliner, Founder Of Sweet Grass Kitchen, Speak At The Spring Marijuana Business Conference And Expo

March 31, 2015
julie berliner sweet grass kitchen
julie berliner sweet grass kitchen

Marijuana edibles are popular these days. Very popular. So popular in fact that marijuana edibles made up roughly 45% of all marijuana sales in Colorado last year. Colorado sold just under $700 million dollars worth of marijuana products last year. That’s not exactly small potatoes. And that’s just Colorado. Anyone with basic logical reasoning skills can figure out that there’s enormous potential for profit in the marijuana edible sector of the marijuana industry. I know many, many people that are looking into starting marijuana edible companies.

I tell all of them the same thing when they ask my advice. I point out that just because someone can make marijuana brownies or cookies doesn’t mean that they can necessarily succeed as an owner of a marijuana edible company. I have seen master chefs and bakers fail as marijuana edible company owners. In every case, they got ahead of themselves and didn’t realize how much goes into such a company. It’s not just about making butters and oils and infusing it into foods.

A marijuana edible company needs to know a lot about marijuana. The better the marijuana, the better the end product. A company can’t simply just get their hands on anything they can find and cook with it. They need to make sure the marijuana going into the product has been tested, and a bunch of other things. The easy part is making the edibles, which most people think is the hard part. The hardest parts are getting a product that is compliant with governing laws for edibles (which are always evolving it seems like), and distributing them to reputable/legal outlets. And all of that doesn’t include marketing the products themselves.

As you can see, it’s valuable to hear from an expert on the subject of running a marijuana edible company. Someone I consider to be an expert is Julie Berliner, founder and CEO of Sweet Grass Kitchen. Julie founded Sweet Grass Kitchen in 2009 and now distributes edible products to more than 200 dispensaries and stores throughout Colorado. She has represented the marijuana edibles industry as a member of various workgroups and is chair of the Cannabis Business Alliance Edibles Council. She is also a member of Women Grow, which is an organization that impresses beyond words.

Julie Berliner will be speaking at the 2015 Spring Marijuana Business Conference and Expo, hosted by Marijuana Business Daily. If you want to own a marijuana edible company someday, or own one but want to learn how to run it better, I highly encourage you to attend the conference and learn from Julie and countless others that are pursuing the same dream as you. Click on the banner below to find out more about the conference:

marijuana business daily conference expo

To find out more about Sweet Grass Kitchen, check them out on Facebook.



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