Learn More About Investing In Marijuana For Free Via The 'Cannabis Investing Virtual Event'


I have been following a guy named Alan Brochstein lately on Twitter. He has been tweeting absolute gold lately in regards to the marijuana industry. He is not one to hold punches, and since he is an industry expert and appears to be a wiz at all things financial, he knows all the hard questions to ask and all the tough things to point to. If you aren't following him on Twitter yet, you should be.

cannabis investing virtual event

So when he tweeted yesterday about a free virtual cannabis investing event, I was instantly intrigued because he's going to be one of the speakers. I feel that if he is attaching his name to this event, that there's definitely something to it. I was just checking out the speakers, and there is a phenomenal lineup. The event is free, and can be attended from the privacy of ones own home, which is awesome. These virtual events seem to be catching on, and I love them because I don't have to travel. I hope they put the presentations on DVD or up for some type of digital purchase. Below is more information, via the event's website, which is also where you can go to sign up:

The cannabis industry is one of the most rapidly developing and controversial industries in the United States. During the past two years, more than 200 cannabis companies have gone public through reverse mergers and most of them will be out of business in less than two years.The emergence of the cannabis industry has created opportunities for fraudsters and investors needs to evaluate the source of information before investing in a cannabis company. The regulatory nature of the financial industry restricts broker-dealers from providing information on cannabis stocks and this has made it difficult for investors to find value in the cannabis sector.

The Cannabis Investing Virtual Event is focused on helping investors locate and engage with cannabis companies that represent profitable investments.

When: March 29-30, register online