September 6, 2015

Hear New York Senator Diane Savino Speak At The Upcoming 2015 Fall Regional Cannabis Business Summit

September 6, 2015
diane savino medical marijuana

I have admired New York Senator Diane Savino from afar for awhile now. I of course live in Oregon, and have never traveled to New York, but I have seen Senator Diane Savino work very hard to legalize medical marijuana in New York. New York’s medical marijuana law is far from perfect, and I hope it’s improved upon soon, but achieving medical marijuana legalization in New York was not easy, and the fact that it happened is something that should be celebrated.

Below is a video of a very passionate speech that Diane Savino gave during the closing remarks for the debate over medical marijuana legalization in New York last year:

That is a speech that I watch often. The link to it on YouTube is saved on my favorites because I watch it so often. Indeed, many Americans have watched loved ones suffer, and have watched loved ones us pharmaceutical drugs that have robbed them of their last moments in life because they were in such a sedated state. People should be able to use medical marijuana if it helps them, and that’s something that Senator Savino has fought very hard for, and I tip my hat to her for her efforts.

As more and more states legalize medical marijuana in the Eastern region of the United States, I expect Diane Savino to be tapped for advice a lot. She has been through the process of fighting for legalization, and now will be involved with overseeing the medical marijuana industry in New York as it grows. She will no doubt fight to improve on the law over time as citizens and other politicians in New York see that medical marijuana is a good thing, and not anything like what opponents have tried very hard to make it out to be.

You can hear Diane Savino speak at the upcoming 2015 Fall Regional Cannabis Business Summit hosted by the National Cannabis Industry Association in New York from September 21-23. The event is likely to sell out, so get your tickets sooner rather than later.


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