September 6, 2015

Hear Oregon Rep. Ann Lininger Speak At The Oregon Medical Marijuana Business Conference

September 6, 2015
ann lininger oregon

ann lininger oregonThe first time that I heard Oregon Representative Ann Lininger speak was at my first Women Grow Portland chapter event. She talked about her involvement with the Oregon Measure 91 campaign, her involvement at the Oregon Legislature regarding marijuana policy, and what she thought the future of Oregon’s marijuana industry and marijuana laws could look light. It was very refreshing to hear an elected Oregon official talk so candidly and accurately about Oregon’s marijuana scene.

You will be hard pressed to find a more sympathetic Oregon politician when it comes to marijuana policy. Ann Lininger tried very hard to protect the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP) this last session, and I could tell from her speech that she was very sad that she didn’t succeed at everything she set out to do. But state politics is a give and take deal, and I think that Ann did the best she could. Also, she will go back to the Legislature next session and do what she can to make Oregon’s marijuana laws even better.

Ann Lininger will be speaking at the upcoming Oregon Medical Marijuana Business Conference (OMMBC) later this month. Below is more about Ann, via the event’s website:

Born and raised in Ashland, Representative Ann Lininger graduated from Yale and received her law degree from the New York University School of Law. General Counsel for Oregon Iron Works, Rep. Lininger was elected to represent Lake Oswego after formerly serving as Clackamas County Commissioner. Representative Lininger was a “Mom for Yes on Measure 91,” understanding that legalizing and regulating marijuana protects children and society better than prohibition. Some of her legislative priorities include improving Oregon’s schools, developing affordable housing, assisting victims of domestic violence and improving our local manufacturing economy. As co-chair of the Oregon Legislature’s Joint Committee on Implementing Measure 91, Representative Lininger worked to uphold the will of the voters regarding both Measure 91 and the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program while also helping pass landmark legislation that further improved Oregon’s marijuana laws and allowed for the expungement of past marijuana convictions.

The dust has not settled on Oregon’s marijuana laws, both medical and recreational. There will no doubt be changes in the future, and if someone is to succeed in Oregon’s marijuana industry, they need to be aware of what to expect coming down the pipeline. This event will provide an unparalleled chance to do just that. The OMMBC will not only have Oregon Rep. Ann Lininger speaking at the event, but she will also be joined by Oregon Senator Floyd Prozanski, and a number of leading Oregon marijuana policy and industry experts. You can get tickets to the OMMBC at this link here.


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