Hear Sam Tracy From 4Front Advisors Speak At The 2015 Fall Regional Cannabis Business Summit

sam tracy 4front advisors

(image via Twitter)

I have never been shy about how much I admire Students for Sensible Drug Policy and its members, both current members and alumni. Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP) has produced so many elite activists and cannabis industry members that it would take forever to list them all. All of them started as activists and many of them have made the natural transition into the emerging cannabis industry. Because they started as activists, they tend to know the rules and regulations surrounding cannabis compliance in more states than most attorneys do, and since they represent the demographic that most cannabis companies try to target, they have a knack for knowing what consumers want and need.

One of those SSDP alumni that I admire is Sam Tracy. While I have never met Sam Tracy as far as I know, I have followed him on social media for a long time. He is a beast at cannabis social media activism. He's always on point, and I know that if it comes across his social media channels, then it's credible information. Below is a brief description of Sam Tracy, via his Linkedin page:

I got my start in political activism, and that's where my heart will always be. Currently working in the private sector as a consultant with 4Front Advisors, helping create a responsible and compliant cannabis industry. I see this role as complementing my advocacy work since upstanding cannabis businesses will not only serve their customers, but show the world that ending prohibition can be done in a way that protects public health and strengthens communities.

That is the exact type of person that people should be seeking advice from. Sam has interned with the Drug Policy Alliance, was the Chairman of SSDP, and now is working as a cannabis consultant. You will be very hard pressed to find someone that knows their stuff on the level that he does, I guarantee it. When he speaks, people should listen, and fortunately there's a great opportunity coming up soon to do just that. Sam Tracy will be speaking at the upcoming 2015 Fall Regional Cannabis Business Summit in New York next month on September 21-23, hosted by the National Cannabis Industry Association. If you are trying to learn more about compliance, which is a very complicated topic, especially in Midwestern and Eastern states, you should absolutely check out this event and pick Sam's brain any chance you get. The event is likely to sell out, so get your tickets sooner rather than later. You can follow Sam Tracy on Twitter.


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