Tickets Are Still Available For The 2015 Cannabis Business Summit


One of the biggest marijuana industry events of the year is occurring June 30-July 1 in Denver. The event is the 2015 Cannabis Business Summit, and it's hosted by the National Cannabis Industry Association. When it comes to marijuana industry advocacy, the National Cannabis Industry Association is as influential as it gets. So it's not coincidence that just about everyone I know in the industry is attending the event. The Weed Blog doesn't get to too many industry events, and we will be sending a group there to network and cover the event.

cannabis business summit and expo

There are still tickets available for the summit, as well as for industry tours and the Cannabis Carnival II event, sponsored by Bhang Chocolate. If you are in the marijuana industry and want to take your business to the next level, this will be a great opportunity to network and learn how to grow your business. Or if you are exploring whether or not to enter the industry, this is a great way to get your feet wet and learn from the best in the industry to see if it's for you.

The list of speakers is phenomenal, with some of my personal marijuana industry and movement heroes presenting at the event like Troy Dayton, Christian Sederberg, Amanda Reiman, Jason Thomas, Leland Berger, Mason Tvert, and many, many more. To see a full list of the speakers at the event, click this link here.

In addition to world-class speakers, there will also be top notch exhibitors, many of which I'm sure will be giving out stuff. I can almost guarantee that there is an exhibitor there that has gone down a similar path as you, and that you can gain knowledge from. Whenever people ask me for business advice, I almost always refer them to one of the companies that is going to be an exhibitor at this event. For a full list of exhibitors, click this link here. If you want to know more about the event, click on the banner below: