Hot New Portable Vaporizer: WISPR by IOLITE


You know vaporizers are hot stuff when the NYTimes reports on 'em. In this article cannabis advocate, Harvard professor and author Dr Lester Grinspoon is quoted: “Vaporized marijuana is virtually free of whatever toxic properties come with burning the plant. Vaporizers use an internal heat source, so you conserve more of your grass.” Not much to add there, Dr Grinspoon clearly knows his stuff.

wispr vaporizer

The fact that vaporizer business is booming also shows in the increasing number of different types and brands of vaporizers that are being released. Earlier this year we saw the release of the battery-powered Solo vaporizer, a portable vaporizer that was received very well by the vaporizer community. This is far from your uncle's bong!

Now the Irish company Oglesby & Butler released its second portable vape, the WISPR. It is the successor to the immensely popular iolite vaporizer, which continues to exist under the name iolite original. Improvements in the WISPR include an all new design, a see through window to check the fuel level, a foldable mouthpiece and a LED indicator light. The WISPR operates on butane and the built-in heater ensures a steady vaporization temperature of about 374 degrees.

We extensively tested the WISPR during the past week and have come to the conclusion that it makes a great unit for on the go. The butane tank is large enough for several bowls and the temperature seems to be just right - there are no signs of combustion at all. On our website you can find an in-depth review of the WISPR Vaporizer.

Mark is an editor at Vaporizer-info. Check their website for detailed information, user ratings and a price comparison of the WISPR Vaporizer amongst other (portable) vaporizers.