January 28, 2012

Blue Dream Marijuana Strain Review And Pics

January 28, 2012
blue dream marijuana strain

blue dream marijuana strainBlue Dream Marijuana Strain

Blue Dream

Sativa Dominant +++ (80%)

Blue Dream — BD6 — THC 18.536% / CBD 0.416% / CBN 0.329%

BD6 — 12/24/11 by Jake
Taste: Woodsy with sour fruit and notes of skunk.

Effects: The most notable effect is its calming and relaxing effect. At the same time, it is not what I would
call “sedating” allowing me to remain awake and active, without couch lock. Extremely heady, it also put me
in a state of mild euphoria and left me feeling a little deep in thought. It also provided moderate nausea
relief and appetite stimulation, without leading me to over eat. Another harvest that earns Blue Dream its
reputation as one of our most popular strains.

blue dream marijuana strainBlue Dream — BD5 — THC 18.815% / CBD 0.352% / CBN 0.688%

BD5 — 12/07/11 by Spesh

Hi PATIENTS & FRIENDS, just sampled the latest harvest of Blue Dream from NewMexiCann. Now last
harvest I noticed that the flavor had dropped off a bit from the one before, IT’S BACK! That great
BLUEBERRY taste is now layered with a nice light afterglow of the HAZE pine. As I started to VAPORIZE this
MEDICATION I noticed that I didn’t notice how long I was hitting it. Not a problem in the least, this strain is
so GENETICLY TIGHT that you can’t overdo it. I like this one for its UPLIFTING yet SUBDUED EFFECT. Great
for any day or all day it allows you to think clearly while still being a MIND REALAXING MEDICATION. I would
not recommend this one for late at night if you have to go to work the next day, as it does work on the
MIND. GLAUCOMA will be helped with the COTTON MOUTH it produces. NAUSEA is taken care of and
eating is no problem, MUNCHIES are easily controlled. MILD ANXIETY/PTSD is diminished with its VALUME
like EFFECT. A good all-around MEDICATION that stands the test of time. GOOD WORK GROW TEAM! KEEP

BD5 — 12/11/11 by Jake

Taste: Sour fruit and earth

Effect: A true Sativa, very potent and heady. It was very relaxing/dreamy without being too sedating. I was
able to remain active and goal oriented during the day. Most notable effects were mood elevation and pain
relief. Also, it provided nausea relief without too much appetite increase. Cotton mouth was quite
pronounced. A good daytime formula.

blue dream marijuana strainBlue Dream — BD4 — THC 21.649% / CBD .353%

BD4 — 10/6/11 by Spesh

Hi NewMexiCanners, it’s SPESH and I have just sampled the latest harvest of BLUE DREAM. Now we all know
that this is a tasty little MEDICATION, but this harvest is a bit different. The latest harvest is much sweeter
but with less of a BLUEBERRY tinge to it. Still berry smooth and still that BD KICK, it seems to just get
stronger and more lifting as time goes by. DOSING is a little frantic at first, but by the 2nd or 3rd ingestion
you should have it down. As far as effects, well it is still GREAT for PAIN, ANXIETY, GLAUCOMA, and
ARTHRITIS. If this one is not a staple in your MEDICINE CABINET it should be. The calming yet non- sedative
way this one works will let you be a stable part of any conversation or interaction you may be involved
in. Thanks Len, for bringing this one to us……..SPESH~

BD4 — 10/10/11 by Dosa

Blue Dream gives me everything I’m looking for in a Sativa. Taste, strength and a long lasting soaring, clear
high. I think New MexiCann’s Blue Dream is some of the best medicine available and would recommend it
all patients.

blue dream marijuana strainBD3 – 09/24/11 by Spesh

As a self-proclaimed connoisseur of flavor I must say that this is one of the best tasting MEDICATIONS I have
ever tried! Oh sorry, I am talking about the latest harvest from our friends at NewMexiCann. The MED,
BLUE DREAM…as you opens your New MexiCation you are taken back by the sweet smell of blueberry. Then
as you start to INGEST your body will feel a slight but very there body stimulus. This is a very UPLIFTING yet
stable strain. You are going to notice that you can do anything that you need to without the MEDICATION
taking over your thoughts. I found that my feet, legs, and torso were not in PAIN. Even though I didn’t have
COTTON MOUTH my eyes were dry enough that I needed some NATURAL tears. This again tells me that
GLAUCOMA will be benefitted. The relaxation of the muscle led to RELIEF of my ARTHRITIS, and the calming
effect will be good for both PTSD & ANXIETY. The taste is so freakin’ good that munchies are not a
problem. As you exhale you are going to taste the BLUEBERRY even stronger. Take this one to heart
folks,…this is a great MEDICATION for all day use. Go freely, and be positive…
REMEMBER: If you have any Q’s or comments, reach me at Ask_Spesh@ymail.com.

BD3 — 09/27/11 by Dosa

The first Blue Dream I heard about was said to be from San Diego, an Oregon Blue Berry and a Dutch Haze X.
blue dream marijuana strainWhen Len told me about this strain New Mexican has, (super silver haze x blue berry) I was very excited to
try. A big fan of Blue Berry since the early 80s, I have always remembered the few times that I have
medicated with it. The unbelievable taste, fruity aroma and outstanding strength have always impressed
me. True BB is one of my favorites Indicas. With a knockout stone all by itself, crossing it with super silver
haze has done nothing but improve it! Haze has always offered one of the strongest sativa highs for me. A
peppery spice bite when smoked is the signature taste – New Mexicans seem to like it more than the -sweet
medicine due to our Chili addiction I think. Add some Skunk and Northern Lights and you have SSH. I had not
medicated for hours and after a long drive home I was very excited to taste Blue Dream. I rolled a nice
smoke, accompanied with a big glass of Ice water, and some good music. The medicine was a beautiful fog
green with small red hairs. A bluish tint covered the nugs (a signature blue berry trait) that was
emphasized by the silvery trichomes from the super silver haze. The aroma was intense when ground, both
fruity and spicy and somewhat complex. When I dry puffed it I got a blue berry muffin or berry pie taste with
skunky, incense undertones. The smoke was soft and clean, very tasty. It put a smile on my face after first
puff. Two more tokes worked well for my pain right away, and got me motivated to get dinner ready. After
what seem like the best food ever, I re-medicated and took my dogs for a super long walk. After a couple of
hours and some great conversation, I headed off to bed to read but fell asleep in record time. I woke up
refreshed with no hangover, ready to start all over again. It was hard not to smoke my sample up because it
tasted so good. It seemed to be very strong for me and it lasted quit long, 3 to 4 hours at a time. There was
no anxiety or paranoia and it was very energetic for me, without the speedy, edgy, shaky side effects I can
get from a strong sativa like SSH. This is one of favorite medicines of all time and would recommend it to all
patients for almost every problem medical cannabis can help with. Excellent job New MexiCann, keep up the
brilliant work!!

By New Mexi Cann Natural Medicine


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