How To Make Glazed Salmon With Marijuana Butter

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Glazed Salmon With Marijuana Butter Recipe

A special shout out to my Gervais fishin' homies on this one!

As we wrap up all our familiar flavors of summer here is a healthy new twist on a wilderness favorite that is a migratory fish that lives both in fresh and salt water. Makes four servings.

4 6-oz. pieces of salmon

1 tablespoon Canna Butter*

1 tablespoon vegetable oil

Glaze mixture

½ cup maple syrup

¼ teaspoon stone ground mustard

Brush skin side of the salmon filets with a combination of Canna Butter and oil (when mixed, the oil keeps the butter from burning). Lay the fish in a skillet on medium heat skin side down. Brush with glaze mixture. Cook for 5 minutes until the first side is firm and golden brown. Turn and cook the second side 5 minutes, brushing the top with glaze. This salmon will turn out well done, but if you want it rarer just cook a couple minutes less on each side. Serve on the bed of Sweet Potato Puree.

Courtesy of Culture Magazine