How To Make Marijuana Bacon

how to make marijuana bacon recipe

via 420 studios

I love bacon more than most things in life. I might love bacon as much as I love marijuana, which is saying a lot. I try to eat BLT's any chance that I get, and just about anything else that has bacon in it is something I will enjoy. One of my favorite things about Oregon is the famous Voodoo Doughnuts shops, and especially their bacon maple bar. I came across a video that shows how to make marijuana bacon. A marijuana bacon recipe, how fantastic is that? I think I know what I'm doing for every meal for the next few decades...

"Watermelon cleverly combines two of your favorite things marijuana & bacon for the perfect treat. The BC bacon is then wrapped around cubes of cantaloupe. This recipe makes a perfect appetizer for any soiree." To learn more about Watermelon and her amazing cooking skills, visit her website.