How To Choose The Best Dab Nail

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There are many ways to consume dabs. My favorite way is with a vape pen due to how convenient it is. But sometimes I still like to break out my rig and torch, and I know I'm not alone. While vape pens are convenient, they still don't get me as high as a rig and nail. I can only get a certain size of hit from a vape pen, but with a rig I can take as large of a hit as I want. I remember when I got my first rig from a friend. It didn't come with a nail, and I had to visit a couple of headshops before I found one with a solid selection of nails, and even then I was overwhelmed. I didn't know which nail was the best. If you are like how I was, you were looking for advice. Below is a great video breaking down the different kind of dab nails, courtesy of High Times: