Measure On June Ballot Would Treat Cannabis Like Other Farm Crops

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Measure D Would Treat Marijuana Like A Farm Crop

Lake County in California is considering extending 'right to farm' protections to medical marijuana growers in the area. According to the Mercury News, not everyone is happy about it. "Marijuana is not an agricultural crop. It doesn't deserve that right," Peter Bradford, a Mendocino County rancher and California Farm Bureau director for Lake and Mendocino counties told the Mercury News.

Measure D would allow medical marijuana growers to grow up to 12 mature marijuana plants outdoors if it's on a property of less than a half acre outside city limits in Lake County. More medical marijuana plants could be grown on bigger pieces of land, with a cap of 84 plants on properties that are 7 acres or larger.

"The biggest problem I have is the fact they want to be allowed to grow (outside) in residential neighborhoods," Lake County Supervisor Rob Brown told the Mercury News.

I think that if it's your property, and you aren't harming anyone, what is the big deal? California voters passed Proposition 215 for a reason. It's because California voters want medical marijuana to be available to those that need it. Someday the minority of people from the reefer madness crowd will discover that fact, and only then will we be able to move on to more important issues.

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