July 27, 2014

Military Veterans Rally For Terminated Marijuana Researcher

July 27, 2014
sue sisley medical marijuana arizona

sue sisley medical marijuana arizonaDr. Sue Sisley was a researcher at the University of Arizona. Dr. Sisley was supposed to be leading a research project to study marijuana’s effects on PTSD. Dr. Sisley was instead terminated by the University, and given no explanation. Dr. Sisley and medical marijuana supporters feel that she was terminated for political reasons after Arizona lawmakers expressed their opposition to the research. Without the University providing an explanation, the reasoning behind the termination is left to interpretation.

Military veterans recently rallied for Dr. Sisley. The military veterans want this research to be conducted, and rightfully so. Marijuana has shown promise as a possible form of treatment for PTSD, which many military veterans suffer from. Per My Fox Phoenix:

Just outside the building are supporters who say medical marijuana helped them deal with PTSD when nothing else worked.

Sean Kiernan, who was in the U.S. Army, Airborne Infantry. He cannot understand why the University of Arizona wants to cut Sue Sisley loose.

“You are at a university; it should be about advancing science and understanding that to me is the key element of this… I think it is a black eye to the University of Arizona to be honest with you, and for her to get terminated and fired based on this study to me is un-American,” said Sean Kiernan.

I absolutely agree with Mr. Kiernan. This is definitely a black eye for the University of Arizona, as well as for lawmakers that no doubt pressured the University of Arizona to make this decision. This research project is about science, medicine, and compassion for those suffering from PTSD, especially military veterans. Why the University of Arizona and some Arizona lawmakers want to throw Dr. Sisley, science, and military veterans under the bus in order to cling to failed prohibition is beyond me. Shame on everyone involved with making such a poor decision. If you haven’t signed the Change.Org petition calling for Dr. Sisley’s reinstatement, I encourage you to do so now.


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