President Of Colombia Endorses Medical Marijuana


Last month a bill was introduced in Colombia by Senator Juan Manuel Galan that would legalize medical marijuana. The bill would legalize medical marijuana distribution and would task the Colombian government with being responsible for overseeing distribution. The goal of the bill is not only to help patients in Colombia, but also to hurt the black market, which is entrenched in Colombia. Per ABC News:

Will Medical Cannabis End the Opioid Epidemic

President Juan Manuel Santos on Thursday endorsed newly introduced legislation that would legalize marijuana for medicinal and therapeutic use in this drug war-afflicted Andean nation.

Santos, a proponent of rethinking prohibitionist drug policies, made the announcement at a drug policy forum Thursday in Colombia's capital, Bogota. It was his first major drug policy statement since he won re-election in June.

The bill introduced last month by a governing coalition senator is "a practical, compassionate measure to reduce the pain (and) anxiety of patients with terminal illnesses, but also a way of beginning to strip from the hands of criminals the role of intermediary between the patient and the substance that allows them to relieve their suffering," Santos said.

Marijuana reform, medical and recreational, is sweeping South America. This is a great thing, because currently cartels are in charge of marijuana in South America, and every dollar that goes towards black market marijuana in South America and beyond is funding organizations that are responsible for so much human misery and death. I hope that Colombia legalizes all forms of marijuana sooner than later, and that more countries follow suit.