What Is The Association for Cannabis Trades of Colorado?

Association for Cannabis Trade Colorado

A United Voice For The Colorado Cannabis Trade Community

A member driven organization of independent state licensed cannabis professionals dedicated to ensuring patient access to quality medicine from diverse local sources through advocacy and education.

Community Outreach

  • Patient Assistance
  • Education
  • Support and Education
  • MMC Unite
  • Advocacy

Fostering a Community Within the Industry

Industry Oriented Workshops, Speakers, Seminars & Information

  • Information
  • Professional
  • Compliance Education
  • MJ Meds Now.com
  • Caregiver Members / Associate Members Forum

State-wide Participation

  • Interactive Internet Communication
  • Building regional representation throughout the state
  • Social Networking

Our members are MMC’s, MIP’s, Growers, Caregivers, Physicians & supportive industry trades and services.

It's a Mission, Not a Competition!

Board Members

Compliance and Regulations-Nick King NickKing@act4co.org
Compliance and Regulations Committee Blog

Finance-Patrick Gonzales patrickgonzales@act4co.org
Finance Committee Blog

Membership-Cheri Hackett CheriHackett@act4co.org
Membership Committee Blog

Legal-Christian Sederberg, Esq. ChristianSederberg@act4co.org
Legal Committee Blog

Patient Rights-Jessica LeRoux JessicaLeRoux@act4co.org
Patients Rights Committee Blog

Media and Public Relations-Jason Lauve JasonLauve@gmail.com
Media and Public Relations Committee Blog

Science Committee Blog

Technology-Ryan Vincent RyanVincent@act4co.org
Technology Committee Blog

Development/Fundraising-Lori Cookston LoriCookston@act4co.org
Development and Fundraising Committee Blog

Cultivation/Economic Impact-Dave Schaeffer DaveSchaeffer@act4co.org
Cultivation and Economic Committee Blog

Community Outreach-Kristi Kelly KristiKelly@act4co.org
Community Outreach Committee Blog