Precedent Setting Medical Marijuana Municipal Ballot Measure

The Law Office of Matthew Pappas is representing Signal Hill Patients Access PAC.
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Signal Hill Patients Access PAC today unveiled amended ballot measure language to permit medical cannabis in the heart of Long Beach by regulating medical cannabis with new sections featuring a labor peace agreement provision and onsite consumption of medical cannabis permission. In addition, the amended ballot measure language also includes sections for “Energy Offsets encouraged” and a residential permission provision that permits cultivation by right in the city with no need for any type of official permit from the municipal government. The measure or the law is file number two attached. The initiative will create new revenue for the Signal Hill general fund, police department, and schools. In addition, hundreds of temporary and permanent jobs for local residents will be created, generating tens of thousands of dollars in annual revenue for the city.

The Law Office of Matthew Pappas traditionally has strictly challenged the status quo on medical cannabis in the courtroom. The Law Office of Matthew Pappas is now offering political action as a remedy for clients woes for clients in Shasta, Tehama, Los Angeles, Orange, and Sacramento counties using civic engagement, ballot measures, and recalls. Working with Mr. Pappas’s office is Jason Aula, Signal Hill Patients Access PAC Political Strategist . He says: “This is a prime chance for Signal Hill to lead the way on patient access and set municipal precedent across the state. Consider now that Signal Hill had an oil rush around 100 years ago. We set precedents for the nascent oil industry then, and now the modern rush of patients to cure their illnesses with medical marijuana has come and we should help set precedents for them!”

“According to economic projections, this initiative will create hundreds of new permanent and temporary jobs and generate millions of dollars for the local economy. The revenue from medical cannabis facilities could generate over $2 million to the city; these revenues are expected to increase as time passes. Hiring preference will be given to local residents, and job-training programs will be hosted so that people in our community are prepared to fill these new employment opportunities,” said Jason Aula, Signal Hill Patients Access PAC Political Strategist. “This committee focuses on creating a new source of revenue for the city that will fuel economic activity, benefit local businesses and produce hundreds of thousands of dollars in new revenues each year. This will help balance the city’s budget, while providing improved public services and additional funding for Signal Hill schools.”

The expanded initiative code sections also will create meaningful employment opportunities for Signal Hill residents and businesses. Signature gathering will begin soon for an initiative that would place the SIGNAL HILL TAX AND REGULATE MEDICAL CANNABIS ACT OF 2016 on the Signal Hill municipal ballot in 2016. This measure may be placed in either a special or regular election at the discretion of the committee per Section 6 of the ballot measure language.

Signature gathering is set to begin 1/7/2016. Political Strategist, Jason Aula will be releasing a policy paper on the proposed law through the Political Action Committee website () by 1/3/2016 and commissioning a poll (available on PAC website) of medical cannabis among Signal Hill residents with results being posted to the PAC website by 1/30/2016. The policy paper and survey will both have media releases individually through the PAC email address ( herein.

Source: Signal Hill Patients Access PAC press release