January 4, 2018

Jeff Sessions Wants Routine Physicals to Include Drug Testing

January 4, 2018
Attorney General Jeff Sessions wants your doc to test you for marijuana.

Jeff Sessions Wants Everyone Tested for Cannabis

Attorney General Jeff Sessions wants your doc to test you for pot. The Daily Beast reported that Sessions met last month with Robert DuPont, former President Richard Nixon’s war on drugs advisor.

DuPont was on hand along with a group of professionals to discuss how federal policy will deal with states legalizing cannabis. Sessions just said in November that the Obama Era federal policy regarding marijuana would stand. However, given his meeting with the anti-drug czar from the 1970’s, it would appear that Sessions’ obsession with weed is not yet over with.

The former drug czar used to be the Director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse but was forced to resign in 1978 due to his extreme views. One of DuPont’s most radical ideas was to make drug testing mandatory for all parolees.

Another repugnant suggestion was while he was running the drug testing firm he formed with the ex-head of the Drug Enforcement Administration, Bensinger, DuPont & Associates. Dupont advised mandatory drug testing for people receiving welfare, as well as the children of “adults on public assistance.”

DuPont, who has made millions from drug testing and gave voice to the term “gateway drug”, told reporters last year that “We want drug screens to be routine in all medicine,” and “Doctors already check for things like cholesterol and blood sugar. Why not test for illicit drugs?” He added that doctors should be able to force people who test positive into reefer rehab. He also thinks that those testing positive should be punished as though they were caught in possession of a substance.

The Justice Department said that Sessions met with Dupont and other drug advisors to discuss the dangers of driving while medicated. When asked if mandatory drug testing for routine doctor exams and subsequent punishments were supported by Sessions, the Justice Department spokesperson replied that the focus of the meeting was on the hazards of people driving while impaired.

Niko Mann is a freelance writer living in Los Angeles, California.


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