Lin’s Legal Team Sends C&D Letters to Marijuana Shops Over “Linsanity

Jeremy Lin’s Attorneys Send Letters To Dispensaries Over ‘Linsanity OG’
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I have been actively looking on for pictures of the ‘Linsanity OG’ strain but so far searches have been in vain. It looks like the search will be called off all together after Jeremy Lin’s attorneys sent out cease and desist letters to medical marijuana dispensaries that were selling the ‘Linsanity OG’ strain.

According to the Hoop Doctors, “The buzz is coming to an end pretty soon for marijuana shops selling a Jeremy Lin branded weed called ‘Linsanity OG’. Lin’s lawyers this week sent out cease and desist letters to any marijuana dispensary that was selling Linsanity branded pot.” I think that every marijuana consumer dreams of the day where they have a marijuana strain named after them. I know I certainly would be honored to have a strain named after me. Unfortunately, Jeremy Lin feels the opposite.

I can only assume that Jeremy Lin does not consume marijuana, and apparently he doesn’t have a sense of humor when it comes to marijuana consumers either. The Hoop Doctors article went on to say, “In a bit of a surprising twist, it turns out some of the dispensaries had actually applied for a trademark on the name ‘Linsanity’ or ‘Linsanity OG’ as it applies to medical marijuana.” The article stated that its not possible to apply for a trademark for something that applies to someone’s name; the person automatically owns the rights to their name.

But I would point out that ‘Linsanity’ is quite a bit different than ‘Jeremy Lin’. If the medical marijuana dispensary owners were selling the ‘Jeremy Lin’ strain I could understand the argument. However, to say that Jeremy Lin owns the rights to everything with the letters L-I-N is a bit to encompassing in my opinion. I have a friend who’s last name is also Lin. He smokes marijuana all the time. What if he had a strain named after him? According to Jeremy Lin’s attorney’s, Jeremy Lin has the automatic trademark because it involves his name. Wouldn’t my friend have the same claim?

Jeremy Lin applied for a trademark for ‘Linsanity’ but it was for merchandise and sports gear, not plant strains. I suggest medical marijuana dispensaries stop selling the ‘Linsanity OG’ strain, but not because they should be in any fear from his attorneys. Their cease and desist orders are just meaningless threats. However, they should still pull the strain off the shelves because having a strain named after you is an honor. If Jeremy Lin doesn’t want that honor, then so be it. The mmj community will re-name the strain after someone that wants it. Stephen Colbert and Michael Phelps have their own marijuana strains and I’ve never heard them whine about it!