Mitt Romney’s Stance On Marijuana Policy In America

Mitt Romney Receives A Failing Grade When It Comes To Marijuana Policy
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Now that it’s apparent that Mitt Romney will be the GOP candidate for president in 2012, I think it’s necessary to start talking about him more on TWB. I already knew how Mitt felt about marijuana policy in America, both recreational and medicinal. However, it seems that a lot of other people don’t, so below is video footage of Mitt Romney talking about his views on marijuana. Here are the words out of his own mouth:

Mitt Romney’s Stance on Medical Marijuana

Mitt Romney’s Stance on Marijuana Legalization and Medical Marijuana Together

Mitt Romney Shuns Medical Marijuana Patient In Wheelchair

And If You Didn’t Get The Point, Here He Hammers It Home

It doesn’t just seem like Romney is against marijuana; it’s almost like Mitt Romney despises marijuana with a raw passion. In the last video he said he would fight it tooth and nail. The way he shunned that medical marijuana patient is heartless. I thought this guy claimed to be a believer in compassion. I guess not. If you are a recreational marijuana consumer or medical marijuana patient, Mitt Romney is out to get you.

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