February 19, 2012

How Many Interagency Narcotics Enforcement Team Members Does It Take To Screw Oregon’s Taxpayers?

February 19, 2012
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burning moneyQuestion: How many interagency narcotics enforcement team members does it take to screw Oregon’s taxpayers?

Answer: All of them.

This week, personnel from five agencies; the Oregon State Police, the Lane County Sheriff’s Office, both the Eugene and Springfield police departments, and the Lane County District Attorney’s Office, wrapped up a “months-long” investigation that netted one small time marijuana grow. Seized were at total of 106 plants, and three pounds of marijuana, from two houses. There was also one count of child neglect. There was one arrest

This would have been a good day’s work for a cop and a social worker.

So we ask you: How much, in tax dollars, does a five-agency, months-long marijuana investigation cost? Tens of thousands? More??

Because we just spent that.

Which would be funny, since they probably could have just bought the pot for way less. Only it’s not really funny.

What’s worse is that it comes the same week that Lane County Sheriff Tom Turner announced 80 layoffs and the elimination of half the county’s jail beds due to budget cuts. The cuts to the patrol force will be so deep that deputies will now be ale to respond to only the most violent crimes

No. Not funny at all.

And it’s not like busting a grow house, or three, (or ten) is going to make the slightest difference to the availability of marijuana in Lane County, now is it?

Another question: What could all of those sheriffs and police officers, prosecutors and support personnel have spent their time doing these past months if it weren’t for marijuana prohibition?


To join the campaign to end marijuana prohibition in Oregon, please go to www.endprohibitionagain.com or find us on Facebook at End Prohibition Again.

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Article from Citizens for Sensible Law Enforcement


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