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How to Use A Dab Rig in Less Than 5 Minutes

Investing in a dab rig is an exciting idea but knowing how to use modern dab oil rigs can be more satisfying. Once you’ve got the rig set and your dab prepared, then it’s time to get started.  For the first time dabbers, using a dab rig may seem daunting and dangerous. To make more


What Are Vape Pens? A Quick Guide

Smoking is a pastime that is ingrained in many cultures, and that is used for bonding, contemplation, and relaxation. As with any activity, it is normal for it to evolve over time. Our ancestors dried and ground leaves, and then wrapped them in other leaves and burned those. That more

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Not All Grinders are Created Equal

A grinder is essential for any stoner out there, whether a newbie or seasoned veteran. There are more than several grinders out on the market, but they are not created equal! Green Monkey Grinders go above and beyond the standard 4-piece grinder. How you ask? Each of the six more


Focus V Carta Vaporizer: An Objective Review

Just recently, Focus V released one of the most advanced innovations the vaping industry has ever seen. The Carta Vape Rig is Focus V’s latest offering and is set on taking the portable dab rig platform by storm. It’s packed with the best vape tech that’s designed and engineered more


Understanding The Rick & Morty Bong Craze

If you have watched the Rick and Morty show there is a good chance that you have caught a reference or two quoting drug use. In fact, just about every episode has something to do with losing reality or getting wasted on space age herbs. This in conjunction with the rising more

Yocan Dab Pens_ For Novice and Experts

Yocan Dab Pens: Best for Novices and Experts

Dab pens have been one of the most popular forms of vaping devices we’ve seen this past decade. They've evolved from what once was a simple alternative to dab rigs to what is now a consumption platform on its own. They’ve reached a level of popularity and approval that they’ve more