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Stoner Sweetie Valentines Day gifts

The Best Valentine's Gifts for Stoners in 2020

It’s that time of year when our love (for weed?) is in the air, and we are all looking around for the best Valentine’s Day gifts for stoners. Whether you are looking for stoner Valentines gifts for your stoner sweetie or yourself, these cannabis Valentine gifts are sure to please more

Loren Weed Blog

Adventures in Cannatourism

Cannabis enthusiasts have a lot to be thankful for and to look forward to in the coming year. Canada recently celebrated a year of fully legalized cannabis, adult use dispensaries opened in Massachusetts, and adult-use cannabis use just became legal in Illinois, with Michigan not more


Product Review: The Novex by Ooze

In a continually emerging cannabis market it can be difficult to discern between different smoke accessories and especially vaporizer batteries. No one likes to have a battery that runs out after one day of use, and of course it’s always better to have a battery that can be used more

420 Weed Blog

420: How It Became A Day of Appreciation

Among the many holidays celebrated around the world, on April 20, abbreviated as 420, cannabis enthusiasts come together to appreciate cannabis. Aside from ingesting cannabis with loved ones or rocking out at canna-themed events, some use this day to fight for more accessible more