January 10, 2014

Doctor Offers Free Cannabis Consultations To Breast Cancer Patients

January 10, 2014
medical marijuana doctor

medical marijuana doctorBreast cancer is a horrible thing. I’ve had friends and family members that have had breast cancer, and it is a difficult thing to watch. I can’t imagine what it’s like to go through. Cannabis can help those suffering from breast cancer. I just read an encouraging story about a doctor in Hopland, California that is giving free cannabis consultations to breast cancer patients.

Consultations will be between 12 to 4 p.m. on the second Thursday of each month at The Soil King Garden Center, 320 Santana Dr. According to the Press Democrat“According to Soil King owner Patrick King, “If we get busy, we will extend her hours to accommodate the needs of the patients, who will also receive a cannabis medical prescription good for one year.””

It’s awesome to see a doctor giving back to patients, which is not always the case in the medical marijuana world. I’d love to see more doctors offering things like this to suffering patients. If anyone hears of something similar to this, definitely e-mail me so I can help spread the word.

Below is a video that came out on NBC News talking about how cannabis can stop the spread of breast cancer. If you know someone suffering from breast cancer, maybe share it with them if you feel it’s appropriate:


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