April 24, 2017

Toke Talks: An Evening with Oregon Cannabis Thought Leaders

April 24, 2017
toke talks

It is essential that cannabis industry professionals stay educated and current on cannabis policy and science as this industry continues to develop.  There is an excellent opportunity to do just that in Portland , Oregon this evening.

Toke Talk with Oregon Cannabis Association

From the Oregon Cannabis Association (OCA):

The Oregon Cannabis association and the Portland Mercury present “Toke Talks”, an evening of TedX style programming with some of the finest minds in Oregon cannabis. Special keynote speaker Rep. Earl Blumenauer kicks off an evening of 10 minute talk about cannabis, from the practical to the esoteric. “We wanted to offer people something beyond the standard presentations about cannabis” says event Producer Joshua Taylor “We’ve gathered Dispensary owners, Growers, Cannabis lawyers, and accountants, among others, to give their unique take on cannabis matters.”


Speakers include John Bayes (Green Bodhi), Jeremy Plumb (Farma), Jesse Peters (Eco Firma Farms), Sara Batterby (Hifi Farms), Aviv Hadar (Oregrown), Oscar Nelson (Sweet Relief), Meghan and Matt Walstatter (Pure Green) James Schwartz (Cascade High), Jennifer Clifton (Clifton Cannabis Law) and many more.

“We wanted to offer people an experience that was both affordable and accessible” says Taylor “This event is “outward facing”, insofar as it will appeal to both the cannabis industry insider and the person who may not even use cannabis, but has an interest in the plant and its role in society.”

“We couldn’t be happier to welcome Congressman Earl Blumenauer as our keynote speaker. Oregon is very lucky to have a tireless cannabis advocate in the Congressman, as he has shown more dedication and understanding about the issues facing the industry than any other elected official. His recent formation of the Congressional Cannabis Caucus is groundbreaking, as he has reached across the aisle and created something with true bipartisan support, something that isn’t easy to find in DC as of late!”   Tickets are only 10$, and the show starts at 6 p.m. Details can be found at www.toketalks.net.


Readers of the Weed Blog can get a special discount of $4.20 by using the code OCAMEMBER at checkout!  Enjoy!

Toke Talks: An Evening With Some of the Finest Minds in Oregon Cannabis


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