At some point, all of us have tried to roll a joint, many without success. I have been a cannabis consumer most of my life and, although I could roll a joint if I had to, it is definitely not my strong point.  I am more of a connoisseur, I suppose.  But, all stoners can acknowledge and appreciate the art of good joint rolling.  In fact, cannabis culture likes joints so much that often dispensaries and cannabis retail shops will tell you the pre rolls and pre roll packs are some of their most sold items. 

And we all have that one friend, like my friend Brooke, who are masters at rolling joints. The Weed Blog has written posts about the art of joint rolling before, but I believe my friend Brooke has perfected this art. I got to sit down with Brooke recently and use some awesome papers from our friends over at Stuff Stoners Like and go through the process with her step by step, as I can only aspire to be as skilled and efficient at this as she is! After grinding up some Frank’s Gift and some Zamaldelica to create a unique CBD and Sativa blend, we were ready to go.

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How to roll a joint

Pre-round the paper, roll it between your fingers

  1. Fold the paper into quarters length-wise
  2. Roll the paper to a U-shape
  3. Prepare a crutch by using one that is pre-made or cutting a small piece of an index or business card and folding the crutch “accordion” style 3-4 times and then rolling
  4. Put the crutch halfway into the rolling paper
  5. Place the ground flower/bud into the rolling paper and spread evenly (and sprinkle a little kief on there if you're like us!)
  6. Start twisting the bud to the paper tightly
  7. Tuck the left end of the paper underneath and keep rolling
  8. After you get it tight, keep rolling and twisting until rolled
  9. Push the crutch the rest of the way in
  10. Lick, seal, and twist the top

Give Brooke’s method a try and let us know how it goes for you! You can follow Brooke on IG @brookimats; and our friends over at Stuff Stoners Like on IG @stoner_stuff 

If you are more of a visual learner like me, check out the video of Brook’s method here, and let us know what you think!! 

There are limitless ways to roll a joint. You can roll them big or small. Get creative! Some people have even transformed joint rolling into art (tulip joints are one of my personal favs!).  I love seeing how people can actually roll their cannabis into a unique mix of functional artwork or even messages.