Why Do We Treat Marijuana As More Dangerous Than Alcohol?

There is a new NORML Chapter in Oregon.
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The Portland NORML Chapter was started earlier this year, and recently held its first membership meeting. I’m very excited to see what the chapter does. This is a crucial time for marijuana reform in Oregon, as Oregon Measure 91 gets implemented. The original marijuana legalization initiative’s language has been under attack by the Oregon Legislature since the session started. There are efforts to try to combine the medical marijuana program with the recreational one, lower possession and cultivation limits, give cities the power to ban marijuana sales in city limits without a vote by the city’s citizens, and many other things.

The citizens voted for specific language, so why the Oregon Legislature thinks this is an opportunity to gut the initiative and drastically alter it is beyond me. But that’s why Portland NORML’s chapter is so important. They are a very talented group of people that I know will work as hard as they can to defend the marijuana consumer, whether it be medical or recreational. Below is an infographic that Portland NORML put together: