BC Activists Plan Another Protest for Marc Emery’s Release


After a very successful protest earlier this week, activists from the British Columbia Marijuana Party and ‘Cannabis Culture’ are protesting again today on behalf of their leader’s release (Marc Emery). According to a Cannabis Culture article from earlier this week, activists were set to meet at 9:30 am on Hastings Street, and would ‘be departing from there to an undisclosed MP’s office to stage another protest.’ I have been checking the blogosphere, and sending out e-mails all morning, but I haven’t turned up anything yet. The last protest was completely video-taped, and will be on TWB tomorrow for the ‘Stoner Friendly Videos.’ Hopefully the great people at Cannabis Culture will have something from today’s protest that we can put up as well!

Marc Emery Protest

Here is an excerpt from the previously mentioned article. I figured I would throw it up in order to hopefully draw some activism:

“Though the protest was fun, we hope it sent a serious message to the Conservative Minister and his party, who have decided to extradite Marc Emery to the USA to face a five-year prison term for selling marijuana seeds and using the money to fund activism. Marc is a political prisoner, and we will continue to protest, unrelentingly, in new and inventive ways, until he is released. We will be staging more protests in the offices of Conservative members of the government, and you should too! Your MP's office is public property, and you have a right to protest on public property. Watch the video and consider holding a protest in your Conservative MP's office!”

I will tell you what, there are no better protests than those involving rolling doobies on the desks of conservative politicians!!!

Photo by cannabis culture