May 11, 2010

Colorado’s Restrictive HB 1284 Still Not Passed

May 11, 2010

After what has seemed like an eternity, the Colorado Legislature has still not passed HB 1284. Every media outlet in the nation (including TWB) considered the bill’s passage a ‘slam dunk.’ However, media reports out of Colorado have reported that the Colorado House rejected proposed changes to the bill, which were made by the Senate on the third reading of the legislation. Much to the dismay of marijuana conspiracy theorists, a ‘special committee’ is now being formed to reconcile the current House and Senate versions of the bill.

I remember it wasn’t that long ago that both chambers were practically embracing each other as they declared that this bill would be swift and without problems. After all, they were pretty similar when they started out, right? But then, the Colorado Senate turned their version into something that looks more like a Frankenstein than a logical bill. The Committee has until midnight tomorrow to get the chambers on the same page, otherwise the session ends. One has to ask the question, ‘if it has taken this long to get basically nowhere, how is this bill going to be passed in less than 36 hours??’ I predict one of two things will happen; either the bill will die because politicians move like molasses, or there will be so many unfair deals cut at the last minute, that the MMJ industry gets the shaft even worse than they already are. Hopefully, neither of the two happens. But one never knows.

Apparently, the biggest problem between the Colorado Senate and House is whether or not to allow addresses of MMJ gardens to remain secret…Are you f@#king kidding me?? As a medical marijuana patient/caretaker/grower in Oregon, this is mind blowing to me that the option to reveal gardens is even on the table. What incentive is there for that? Other than to send a chill effect to any responsible citizen that is thinking about starting a garden. They will be taking the risk of not only their personal acquaintances and co-workers finding out their medical information (and receiving the stereotypes that go with it), but also any would be thieves as well.

I have heard conservatives argue that the information would only be available to law enforcement, property managers, etc, but WE LIVE IN AN ELECTRONIC AGE! The information would get out on the internet within a day, and all hell would break loose. Tweakers would be flocking to Colorado, with sheet after sheet of printer paper in their hands, and each page would be covered with MMJ addresses. Isn’t it ironic that conservatives always try to preach state sovereignty, individual liberties, and citizen privacy, yet they only apply their logic to limited situations? Wouldn’t you think that those dicks would realize that they are hypocrites to the fullest degree?? I guess it’s just one of those things that makes you go ‘hmmm.’


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