February 3, 2016

Komorn Awarded Highest Honor For Michigan Criminal Defense Attorneys

February 3, 2016
Gavel marijuana miami prosecutor

Gavel marijuana miami prosecutorOne of the state’s most active marijuana specialist lawyers has been honored by the Criminal Defense Attorneys of Michigan (CDAM) with their “Justice For All” Award.

Southfield attorney Michael Komorn was announced as recipient of the honor this week. Of the thousands of criminal defense attorneys in the state, Komorn’s record of going after the big guy- and winning- propelled him into the top spot. The award is described by CDAM in this way: “The Justice for All award is given to recognize a particular extraordinary contribution of a group of individuals. This contribution can be in the form of legal representation or other extraordinary service.”

Most recently Komorn won a dismissal of charges in the Max Lorincz case, which involved a prosecution and removal of a child from a loving home based on a tiny smear of purportedly marijuana concentrate discovered by law enforcement. This case, and Komorn Law’s digging into the back story, revealed the scientifically invalid and politically motivated changes in reporting marijuana concentrates as ‘origin unknown’ by the Michigan State Police Crime Lab. The Lorincz case underscores what Komorn has been fighting for all along: an unyielding pursuit of the truth and exoneration for patients caught in a system designed to capture them.

Attorney Komorn will be honored at a special dinner at the Troy Marriott, along with “President’s Award” winner William Maze, on Friday March 11. You do not have to be an attorney to attend; tickets are on sale HERE.

Although the Lorincz case is the most recent and notable victory for Komorn Law, his other accomplishments stand out as well. Praise for Komorn’s career has been easy to obtain.

“I’ve got two rules about working with attorneys,” said Jeff Frazier, lawyer, who worked with Komorn on the MSP Crime Lab case. “They have to be great at it and they have to love it. I’m proud to work with Michael.”

Some of Komorn Law’s highlights from 2015 include: having the entire Lapeer County Prosecutor’s office tossed off a medical marijuana case for being biased; challenging the Michigan State Police Crime Lab as they pervert scientific method to satisfy the political needs of prosecutors; becoming involved as a Commission Member on the new Marijuana Law Section of the State Bar Association of Michigan; and many successful defenses of patients and caregivers registered with the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act (MMMA) in courts across Michigan. Komorn is joined in his legal efforts by his longtime friend and aide, Chad Carr, who shares in the successes recognized by the Award Committee.

“There are times that justice may seem blind, in this circumstance it was not deaf,” offered Lapeer attorney Bernard Jocuns, the newly-elected Chair of the Marijuana Law Section. “Perseverance, diligence and sincerity for marijuana patients as a whole brought a selfless victory that will be remembered for the ages.”

Komorn is more than just a criminal defense attorney. He is the Executive Director of the Michigan Medical Marijuana Association and the host of a weekly radio talk show dedicated to MMMA patients and the attorneys that represent them. The Planet Green Trees Radio Show has received notoriety nationally; interviews with legislators, scientists and attorneys for the past five years have offered revelations and brought clarity to what can be a very confusing medical marijuana program.

Activist and producer of the Planet Green Trees Show, Jamie Lowell of MILegalize and the 3rd Coast Dispensary, said, “Michael Komorn doesn’t just take cases, he takes on an emotional commitment to sincerely help each client to the best of his ability.

“In the case of Max Lorincz, Michael was so moved by the unjust treatment of a man and his family, that he took the case pro-bono and has regularly driven three hours each way to the court house on the west side of the state, to help Max reclaim his life.”

The Criminal Defense Attorneys have already posted the award notice and the dinner details. CDAM offers this description of their organization on the group’s website:  ”We advocate on behalf of members of the criminal defense bar by appearing as Amicus Curiae in important precedent setting cases before the Michigan Supreme Court. CDAM also regularly works with lawmakers regarding legislative changes through a legislative network providing representation of the criminal defense bar’s views.”

Allen Peisner, criminal defense attorney and member of CDAM, said, “I can think of no one more deserving of this award than Michael Komorn.   I am honored to know him and be a participant on his weekly internet radio show.”

“Michael Komorn’s zealous advocacy and activism in the field of marijuana law has been impressive and has inspired many lawyers, including myself, to do the same through his accomplished example,” said Barton Morris, also a CDAM member. “Michael is a pioneer and champion in marijuana law in Michigan.”

Source: The Compassion Chronicles


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