Missouri Hemp Network Announces Full Support For Cannabis Reform


Below is a press release from the Missouri Hemp Network:

missouri marijuana decriminalization hb 512 testimony

The Missouri Hemp Network is proud to announce its full support of HJR 86.  This is an amendment to the constitution for complete cannabis reform.  The sponsor is Brandon Ellington (D).  The cosponsors are: Randy Dunn (D), John Rizzo (D), Michael Butler (D), Jeremy Lafever (D), and Mike Colona (D).
Here are links to the HJR 86.

Steven Wilson of the Missouri Hemp Network stated, "Letting the voters sound off is the best way to get the message across the aisle.  Industrial Hemp is about job creation and long term wealth building.  MMJ is about quality of life for all.  Missouri can enter the 21st century at full speed."
If you would like more information you can email the sponsor and cosponsors: Randy.Dunn@house.mo.gov, John.Rizzo@house.mo.gov, Michael.Butler@house.mo.gov, Jeremy.LaFaver@house.mo.gov, Brandon.Ellington@house.mo.gov, Mike.Colona@house.mo.gov

To contact Steven Wilson or the Missouri Hemp Network please use the following: