February 12, 2015

Show-Me Cannabis Takes The Missouri Capitol

February 12, 2015
show me cannabis missouri capital

show me cannabis missouri capitalBy John Payne

On Tuesday, nearly 100 Show-Me Cannabis supporters converged upon the Missouri State Capitol for our lobby day. Donning green and white stickers reading “Friends of Cannabis Reform,” we crisscrossed the building from the morning until the late afternoon, talking to legislators and creating a very visible symbol to everyone there that this is an issue that Missourians care about.

We primarily focused our discussions on medical cannabis (HB 490, HB 800, and SB 395), expansion of the CBD oil law (SB 386), industrial hemp (HB 830 and SB 255), and some potential legislative efforts to free Jeff Mizanskey.

Many legislators seemed to share our optimism about the prospects for industrial hemp and medical cannabis this session. A long road still lies ahead of us, but the odds of robust reforms in the legislature have never been better.

It also appears that Governor Nixon is finally getting the message about Jeff Mizanskey. Yesterday, KMBC in Kansas City ran a story in which the governor pledged to review Jeff’s case before he leaves office in 2016.

I believe that is due in large part to your phone calls and letters and from pressure from legislators. At the same time we were at the Capitol, our friend Rep. Shamed Dogan was speaking with Saint Louis Public Radio about his intentions to file legislation to free Jeff if the Governor does not act.

And legislators like Dogan are motivated to act when their constituents show up in their offices and tell them that cannabis law reform is important to them. That is how our system works. Now, it doesn’t always work, and it almost always works very slowly, but it can work. However, it only works if people like you take the time to get involved.

You can help us make the system work better by volunteering to meet with your legislators. Email me if you are interested, and we can arrange a meeting. Also, if you attended the lobby day on Tuesday, if you didn’t have a chance to tell your team leader how your meetings went, please send me just a couple sentences about your discussion with each legislator.

Finally, help us continue to organize Missouri’s grassroots cannabis reform advocates by making a contribution of $10 or $25 now! You can also offer sustaining support by signing up for a pledge of $25, $10, or even just $5 a month.

Individually, our efforts may seem small, but together they can add up to a seismic shift in Missouri politics. You can make the world a freer, better place.

Source: Show-Me Cannabis


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