March 5, 2013

Support ‘Grassroots- The Comeback Of Cannabis’ Film On Kickstarter

March 5, 2013
grassroots the comeback of cannabis film

GRASSROOTS- THE COMEBACK OF CANNABIS is a comedy documentary about the legalization of marijuana hosted by comedian Adam Hartle. Here’s what the film maker has to say:

Thank you for watching. Our goal is to entertain as well as bring you this amazing story that’s sweeping the country. We’re receiving a lot of national attention for this film, especially for the deal I made with Congressman Tom Tancredo to smoke legal marijuana together.

The national media picked up the story:

Unfortunately Tom backed out of our legal puff session :(  Can you believe a politician would say one thing then do the other? 100% of the money raised here will go back into the film, and with your support we’re confident this film will be great!!! Funds received will go towards continued filming in Colorado, sound mixing, music licensing, lawyer fees, and entry into film festivals. Please take a few moments to check out some of the great rewards we’re offering. ——>

The more people talking about marijuana prohibition the better so we hope you’ll decide to pick up a copy of this film and watch it with your friends. It was an honor to meet all the activists and forward thinkers in Colorado who just changed the world. I was so inspired by their activism that I even joined in.

Click here to support this film on Kickstarter!


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