May 7, 2015

Texas House Committee Approves Marijuana Lega­lization Bill

May 7, 2015
texas marijuana legislature

texas marijuana legislatureTexas is not an easy place to achieve marijuana reform victories. Unlike most other states that have reformed marijuana laws, Texas does not have a citizen initiative process. That’s why I cheer on marijuana activists in Texas so much. Texas’ marijuana laws are harsh to say the least, and anyone who lobbies to change those laws gets my utmost respect. A small, yet significant victory was won yesterday when a Texas House Committee voted to approve a marijuana legalization bill. Per KSAT:

A proposal seeking full legalization of marijuana on religious grounds has cleared an unlikely legislative hurdle.

Republican state Rep. David Simpson of Longview argues marijuana comes from God and therefore shouldn’t be banned by government.

The tea party stalwart has repeatedly championed what he calls the “Christian case” for legalization.

Simpson’s bill (HB 2165) languished for weeks before the House Criminal Jurisprudence Committee.

Three committee Democrats and two Republicans surprisingly voted to support it Wednesday, though, and it passed 5-2.

This is a very big day for Texas. The vote of course doesn’t fully legalize marijuana in Texas, as the bill still has to go to a full House vote, then to the Senate, then to the Governor. There is still a long road ahead. But with that being said, politicians in Texas have voted to legalize marijuana. That’s a big deal. If you live in Texas, make sure to keep contacting your Representatives to let them know that you want a full vote on this bill, and you want your Representatives to vote ‘yes’ when that happens.


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