A Special Thank You To Our Readers From The Weed Blog


For over three years now we have tried as hard as we can to spread marijuana news and information on the internet on this website. There has been a lot of help over the years from real life friends and 'internet friends,' as I call them. I want to thank all those people, and I hope to meet each and every 'internet friend' someday. But especially I want to thank our readers. If it wasn't for TWB readers, I would just be sending off articles into digital space.

thank you the weed blog

Over the last three-plus years, I have witnessed TWB readers do some amazing things. When we started TWB in 2010, there were no legal recreational states. There were less medical marijuana states. Many state and local governments didn't have decriminalization reform. We all watched history unfold together, and helped along the way. I hope readers know how much of a part of that they were. Every time you share an article, or post a link, or tell a friend, or re-tweet, you are participating in the 'marijuana reform butterfly effect.' Who knows how far the word has been spread because of you folks. It makes me smile every time I think about it.

The Weed Blog has grown a lot over the last three years, and it's because of you. It has been an honor and a privilege sharing my thoughts with you over the last three-plus years, and I hope to still be doing this for another three-plus years if I'm lucky enough. Stay active and keep spreading the word. The winds of change are at our backs as we stand at the edge of history. Legalize it!!!