Marijuana POW420 Birthday Drive For January 2016


If you are able to help people that are in prison for a plant, please do. A letter means a lot to someone on their birthday, especially when they are serving an unjust prison sentence. See more below (and donate to the POW420 effort at this link here!) via Facebook:

POW420 marijuana cannabis prison

Welcome to January POW420 birthday drive meant to inspire you to write to our brothers and sisters locked up for cannabis. And, using this list I hope it will be easier than ever to simply send a birthday card. So, here is a list of POW 420's birthdays in the month of January.

I am asking that you take one minute of this month to write to a person locked up for cannabis, put some birthday money on their books, send them a birthday gift, send them a some love.

Sometimes, people find it hard to write a letter to a stranger. This event is designed to help you reach out by simply sending a birthday card. Being in prison is hard, being in prison for cannabis is unjust, and we need to show our support. Show some love to our POW420s today.

No-one belongs in jail for a plant.

For more information about pot prisoners go to"