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Sensible Washington i502

Video Urging People To Vote No On I-502

I-502 is not legalization. It simply creates a legal exception for possession of an ounce and a few other minor cannabis related crimes. Under this initiative it would still be illegal for individuals to grow any amount. In addition, hemp would still not be explicitly legal, passing a joint would still be felony distribution, and a new form of prohibition will be introduced that will cause cannabis consumers to be wrongfully convicted and imprisoned (the per se DUID mandate).

People under 21 have the potential to be convicted of a DUID, even if patients, for consuming cannabis weeks ago. Beyond this, the entire distribution system will be federally preempted (rendered invalid in court) due to the fact that it creates a positive conflict with our federal Controlled Substances Act (you can't force a state to accept taxes from a federally illegal substance). Even if not preempted, the regulation system is absurd, going as far as allowing the Liquor Control Board to decide the amount of THC in the cannabis sold, as well as the number of cannabis retail outlets per county.