Tell Attorney General Holder: Don't Interfere With Marijuana Legalization


Voters have clearly stated that they want marijuana prohibition to end in Colorado and Washington. Voters in other states have made it clear via polling that they also want marijuana prohibition to end in their states. For some reason, the federal government doesn't get the message. Below is a call to action from the Drug Policy Alliance that I encourage all readers to participate in:

Eric Holder cannabis marijuana

Don't let our opponents get in the way of marijuana legalization. Urge Attorney General Holder to respect states' marijuana legalization laws!


Respect the States' Marijuana Legalization Laws

Dear [Decision Maker],

Earlier this year, eight former heads of the Drug Enforcement Administration sent you a letter urging you to officially block the marijuana regulation laws adopted by large majorities of voters in Colorado and Washington. I urge you to reject the request by the former heads of the DEA and respect the will of voters in those two states.

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Source: Drug Policy Alliance - make a donation