August 16, 2016

Maine Doctor Punished For Writing A Pot Permission Slip To Patient’s Employer

August 16, 2016
pot doctor

CONCORD – A Maine osteopathic physician has agreed to a settlement with the New Hampshire state Board of Medicine over allegations of professional misconduct.

Bradley N. Libenson, who practices family medicine in Berwick, Maine, across the New Hampshire state line, received a reprimand as part of the settlement he signed July 22 and was approved Aug. 8 by the state board.

Libenson must participate in 11 hours of continuing medical education, including three hours in medical records documentation, five in the area of substance abuse and three hours in ethics.

According to the New Hampshire board, Libenson was treating a patient with a history of substance abuse in early 2015 when the patient informed him she had smoked marijuana and had recently taken a drug test for a job. The Board of Health said at the patient’s request, Libenson wrote a note on his tamper-proof prescription pad saying “Please note that (the patient) will occaisionally use marijuana (THC) in order to help her sleep, stimulate her appetite or calm her down.”

The state says Libenson did not document in the medical record that he had counseled the patient against using marijuana while being treated for substance abuse…

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